One of my best memories from my years as co-founder of Raw Dog Screaming Press is when author Leland Pitts-Gonzalez came down from New York City to spend the weekend strategizing with the RDSP team, drinking all our diet Dr. Pepper, and talking about the Situationist International influence on punk rock in the 1980s. We had just accepted his novel The Blood Poetry, and knew we had something special on our hands.

While the book didn’t penetrate the mainstream it is still considered by some a benchmark for contemporary dark weirdness. If you haven’t read The Blood Poetry, yet now’s your chance to get in on this cult classic for the lowest price it’s ever been offered at, all while helping charity, an under-represented group of authors, and getting yourself a special freebie. How? With the power of StoryBundle.

“It’s Latinx Book Month and I would like share with you a small portion of the wealth of talent and diversity within the Latinx community. If you are a lover of dark fiction, I hope this small introduction will diversify your reading,” says the mastermind behind this StoryBundle offering, curator V. Castro. “By embracing our differences through storytelling, I believe we can learn more about each other. Let our fascination with claws, ghosts, killers, and the macabre bring us together.”

Joining Leland in this StoryBundle are Gabino Iglesias, and many others including EXCLUSIVES from Rios de la Luz, Cynthia Pelayo, and J.F. Gonzalez now available in eBook for the first time.

Here at Raw Dog Screaming Press we’re so excited to be partnered once again with StoryBundle that we’re making an additional offer: if you purchase the Latinx Dark Fiction Bundle and send us a screenshot of the receipt we’ll give you a complimentary copy of Poems of My Night by Cynthia Pelayo.

Just email your screenshot to books (at)! This is a pay-what-you-want deal, meaning you can pay $5 and receive the core Bundle of 4 books, or unlock all 10 by paying a minimum of $15. We hope you’ll help us, and StoryBundle, not only celebrate V. Castro’s vision but also help deserving authors reach a wider audience while raising money for Girls Write Now. Everybody wins. Thank you for sharing this with your friends, family, and any book lovers in your life! Find it at