This blurb just came in for Meat Puppet Cabaret from Michael Moorcock:

“I’ve been reading Beard for some time and enjoying his brand of fiction along with other discerning readers with a taste for the visionary. My guess is that Meat Puppet Cabaret is going to be his big breakthrough novel, which will reach the wider public he deserves. It’s packed with good stuff. It’s funny. It has an immediacy which rises above the merely contemporary and it delivers a hefty punch of social commentary. And, of course, it’s as irreverent as hell, as relevant as the latest health scare. He adapts techniques from across the media web—from modernist fiction to movies to vid games —it’s all grist to his imaginative mill.

“My guess is this is one of the best and funniest satires you’re going to read in quite a while. But be warned: If you think politicians tell the truth, that the British royal family shares your pain and that power-brokers will listen to reason (or your sentimental desire for world peace) if only you can get your message through to them, then you’d better not get near this book, let alone read it. You’re definitely down the wrong rabbit hole.”

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