John was recently invited by Lance Olsen to participate in blog that discusses alternative fiction and publishing over at

Here’s a snippet from Lance’s first post at Now What Blog:

“Three behemoth media corporations dominate Manhattan publishing. These Brobdignagians employ the print arms of their swollen conglomerates as tax write-offs, considering low sales figures and small audiences tantamount to failure. That is, they view their products exactly the same way executives at McDonald’s view their death patties.”

John will be making a couple posts per month about publishing and whatnot there. I also found this statement by Ted Pelton very interesting, “But an industry exec recently said that 90% of fiction titles for which there had been ISBNs issued (so not chapbooks, but trade paperbacks) currently sell fewer than 1,000 copies. The dying print fiction publishers of New York, by and large, aren’t selling any more books than small presses.” I think this blog is going to give me lots to think about!

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