Missed the Boat

We had been planning on attending the World Fantasy con in Madison this year (or at least one of us) but with everything going on we didn’t reserve a dealer’s table and now I see they’re all sold out!

We’re releasing two books in particular that we thought were perfect for that con Westermead and Fugue XXIX and we were planning to possibly debut them there. Plus we figured Pseudo City should do well there and Play Dead will be available. We had several authors who are planning on attending and we feel strongly that if the author’s make an effort to go to a con we should support them as much as possible and make sure their book is available at the con.

Now I’m trying to figure out what we can do to salvage the situation. We either need to find someone willing to share table space with us or get a book store vendor to carry those titles. I think my best bet is to contact Borderlands Books and see if they are planning to attend. I still think it might be worth it for one of us to go even without dealer space but it does limit what we can do.

So, does anybody out there have plans for World Fantasy or know anybody who’s going to be in the dealer’s room?