Odd in the Most Compelling Ways

Things have been moving along quite well. The authors have gone over the PDFs for Pseudo-City and Spider Pie and sent back minor changes. We’ve got someone working on the Pseudo-City cover and the preliminary images have been very cool. The ARC’s should be coming for Play Dead in the next couple weeks and I’m relieved to finally have a cover to promo with.

We’ve also chosen an artist, Terry Rentzepis, for the cover of Forrest Aguirre’s Fugue XXIX and are awaiting a file from him. He has a unique style that fits Forrest’s work perfectly; fantastic and odd in the most compelling way, dark but but not harshly so.

This painting is an example of his work, though it’s not the piece we’re using. It’s called Prom Queen. To see more of his work check out http://www.alltenthumbs.com/.