I spent the weekend and Monday doing the website over to get rid of the frames. So now I can post links directly to any page and you can too! The site doesn’t look too much different though for all the time it took. However, the sidebar now changes depending on which page you go to and my favorite improvement is that when you go to a page for a specific title there is now a pic of the author and a link to their bio.

I also got a page up for Pseudo-City since the artwork is complete. Working with Brandon Duncan on this cover has been one of the best experiences with artists I’ve had. A lot of times it’s hard to explain what you’re looking for but he hit the nail on the head and was also flexible enough to change the few details that needed changing. Plus he know all about the specs for printing. I don’t know much about him but if his website is any indication he’s a super-talented person into all kinds of things. Check out http://www.corporatedemon.com.


  1. Good to see the RDSP site move out of frames. Yeah, there was no way to link directly to a page an keep the navigation. I’m also digging the cover for Psuedo-City. Very nice.

  2. Anonymous

    Very cool cover! Looking forward to reading the book. I’ve been a silent fan of D. Harlan Wilson’s work for some time now.

    Forrest Aguirre

  3. Glad you like it

    Thanks for the comments on this cover. It’s a different direction than what we’ve had in the past but so is the book. Cake, although your collages are in a totally different vein than this type of illustration I have to say that I’ve been amazed to see how much they’ve improved since the first work I saw of yours. Some of the things I’ve seen recently have really been excellent.

  4. Thanks to you

    It’s mostly thanks to you that I realized the potential of layers. Although one thing I liked about the frame was being able to make changes to the menu bar file once and not on every page. I’m wondering if there’s a way to do this with layers too but it may be too technical for me. I still would have liked to do a redesign with a new look but it was all I could do to get rid of the frames. The site’s getting too big!

  5. Re: Glad you like it

    *blushes* thanks. I really really try. I was inspired by the punk rock art of an artist who’s name i don’t remember. He did work on The dead kennedys give me conveinice or give me death. But i’m trying to be more, to experiment and be able to do many things. Citizen Walrus and Alice are steps in a more true artistic direction. I’m constantly trying things though, and the more i do the more i think i’m improoving. =)

    Also It’s really nice to get an actual reply from the jenster! Always nice =)

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