John tells me our copies of PLAY DEAD arrived today and they are a marvel to behold…super-high quality books! Of course the book doesn’t come out until August so we’ve got between now and then to crank up the hype.

What worries me is that the books will be sitting in a warehouse with the distributor who requires a minimum of $100 worth of orders per month. If they don’t get that amount we have to pay that minimum. At least that’s the way I understand it.

John says our best bet for orders before the release date is libraries who usually like to order books way in advance. So…if you want to help out, go to your local library and request that they order PLAY DEAD by Michael Arnzen, ISBN 1-933293-04-7. Hey, it’s YOUR tax dollars that the library is spending so they might as well use it on something you’re interested in.

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