readerschoiceReader’s Choice 1st Round Voting

This is the 3rd year for our Reader’s Choice Award and it includes all titles published by RDSP and its imprint Dog Star Books in 2015. The first step is a poll anyone can vote in. Help us by choosing your favorite 2015 release!

This round of voting will narrow the field down to 4 titles. A team of readers will then read and evaluate all 4 books to choose a winner. If you would like to be considered for the judging team and do not know any of the authors personally email us.

Reader’s Choice Poll free polls

The readers choice poll is a way to get our books and authors in front of more people so feel free to vote even if you’ve only read one or two of these books. In fact, you can vote based on which cover you like best or the title that sounds coolest. We don’t care, we just want your vote!

For reference the first ever winner of the Readers Choice Award was Odd Men Out by Matt Betts and the 2nd years’ winner was Mourning Jewelry by Stephanie Wytovich.Books-anexorcismofangelsBOOKS-oddmenout