poll-resultsThe votes are in!

The readers have voted and picked the books that will go on to the final ballot. The vote was supposed to choose the top 4 books, however, we had a tie for fourth place which resulted in 5 books moving on to the final ballot.

These books will be read and ranked by a panel of judges to declare the winner. The winner will be announced on October 24th during DogCon in Philadelphia.

Note that the ballot incorrectly listed Greenshift when it should have said Ambasadora. Both books are by Heidi Ruby Miller and take place in the same world.


The finalists are:

Wasteland Blues by Scott Carr & Drew Conray-Murray

How to Read by Eckhard Gerdes

The Man Who Love Alien Landscapes by Albert Wendland

Ambasadora by Heidi Ruby Miller

Mourning Jewelry by Stephanie Wytovich



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