Six Reasons Why StoryBundle Rocks

Let’s Count the Many Ways StoryBundle is Awesome

In publishing there are very few things that pay off consistently. You’re constantly having to change strategies. However, StoryBundle is a model that really works! We’re in the midst of participating in our second bundle and it’s got me thinking about what a great opportunity it is. I’ve talked to many others who’ve been involved and they all say the same. Not only that but it addresses multiple pain points in publishing.

In case you’re not familiar with StoryBundle they sell curated bundles of ebooks around a theme from multiple publishers and authors. Currently 3 of our books are in the Twisted Folklore Histories StoryBundle alongside books from Small Beer, Prime Books, Mythic Delirium and Hex Publishers. 

My #1 reason for saying Storybundle rocks is that it allows us to promote books that aren’t new releases. It seems that most of the book world only wants to hear about what you have coming NEXT. It’s extremely difficult to get attention for old titles but the secret is those books are JUST AS GOOD as the ones coming out next month.

Reason #2 is that while it’s generally difficult to work together with other publishers this something we can all promote together. StoryBundle keeps track of all the sales and accounting so that we don’t have to. It exposes RDSP readers to books, authors and publishers they may have never encountered and does the same for our authors and books.

#3 is it’s a really good value. 12 books for a minimum $20 is not something I could pull off strictly within my own catalog, but sharing the load really helps here. And, at that price, even if the reader is only sure about two or three of the titles it’s still a good deal.

Reason #4 is that the bundles actually sell and I get to send the authors royalties! There’s nothing more depressing than sending another royalty statement with only a few dollars on it but StoryBundle can unexpectedly revive the sales of an older title.

Reason #5 is you can choose your own price. If the bundle is worth more to you than $20 you can pay what you like.

Reason #6 is StoryBundle also raises money for a cool charity. You can choose to have 10% of your purchase go to Girls Write Now a nonprofit organization serving girls and gender-expansive youth who attend New York City public schools and are from historically and systemically underserved communities.

Over the years I have participated in many schemes to sell books but this is one of the best, most consistent return for the effort. It’s great for the readers, publishers and authors involved and even benefits the larger community. That’s why StoryBundle rocks! You should also check out their Black Girl Magic bundle and sign up for their newsletter to learn about future bundles.