Fugue XXIX is allllll-most done. Just a few tweaks and it will be off to the printers.

We got a copy of the newest American Book Review with avantpop‘s insightful review of 100 Jolts and Move Under Ground in it. A cool plus is that he managed to mention ‘s book The Fall of Never too…sneaky…very sneaky. Speaking of The Fall of Never I believe Malfi will soon be having news to announce about a next book though I am still in the dark as to exactly what he will announce.

So Jolts didn’t win a Stoker. I was really hoping it would because I honestly think that it’s a really important addition to the genre, not just another collection of horror stories but a successful experiment in the validity of very short fiction and a study in the shock value of horror. But hell, I’m not even an HWA member so what do I know about it?

The Bizarro community continues to buzz. If you haven’t been yet check it out, it even now has it’s own url:


  1. I read both Arnzen’s collection and Monteleone’s collection. I’d bet the vote was pretty close. Both of them tell a damn good story.

  2. scanned copy

    I won’t have time to retype it but I can try to scan it and send it as a PDF when I get home today.

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