The Dog Behind the Curtain

I’m a bit behind on things because I didn’t expect to have to do the final read-through of Fugue. I thought I had somebody lined up to do that but it didn’t work out. So John and I split the stories and got it done. Of course we still found mistakes! I hate that, I’ve been through the thing already twice. Where are these coming from?

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of off-hand comments about RDSP that make us sound like bigwigs. I’m glad that the professional image we try to maintain is convincing but it’s also a little scary since we’re really still so tiny. People forget that we’ve only been in business a couple years and that there’s only two of us, no corporate offices, no book warehouses and no paychecks (in other words, all the money coming in goes back into the business). I’m afraid someday someone will come into our Emerald Cape Cod, fling back the curtain and catch a couple of mutts pawing away at a computer!