The bizarre horror issue of The Dream People is now online, go, read. Although this issue was rushed I think it actually came out great. This is the first time we’ve published Jon Hodges in TDP knowing_carrion also Craig Sernotti mr_graig as well as Holly Day, Lavie Tidhar, Ray Wallace and John Sunseri.

I’m hoping that having the issue sponsored by Bare Bone will create a little buzz for issue #6. I made a temporary cover image the other day and I actually really like the way it turned out. It’s simple but eye-catching and gives BB an aura of mass popularity. The real cover art should be arriving soon so I don’t know just what it will look like yet. However, you can pre-order issue #6 at

It should be out by Halloween. #6 is the best issue so far! You can check out the table of contents at the above link. There are some great stories by the likes of Kurt Newton, Gene O’Neil and Randy Chandler. Plus the best dark poets around including Charlee Jacob, Mike Arnzen and K.S. Hardy (among others). Perhaps my favorite piece is Kendal Evans’ Don Huvaca’s Dia de Los Muertos. It has the feel of folklore and weaves a clever tale against the colorful backdrop of the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico. It’s rare to find the supernatural addressed with both comedy and respect.

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