RDSP calculates royalties at the end of September and the end of March so we spent part of the weekend crunching numbers and writing checks. The new financial program we have makes this so much easier! It’s a good feeling to be able to send out checks, even if they aren’t huge ones. It calculates royalties based on orders that have been paid for. We have quite a few outstanding invoices that didn’t make it into this calculation period, it’s that darn publishing lag. This business moves slower than a crippled slug.

Overall I’d say the sales have been pretty good by small press standards. Looking back on this past year I can see we did a lot of things right in between our miscalculations and mistakes. The main thing is that our profit margin per book is too low. For the most part the small press you just don’t sell thousands of books so you have to be able to make your money back on hundreds.

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