I’m so excited that contributors have actually started to receive their copies of Sick. Maybe it was worth it to brave the post office on the Saturday before Christmas after all. Let me tell you they were not happy to see us and our 40+ packages. It took at least 45 minutes to get all the packages labeled and sent but I didn’t think they would start arriving until way after Christmas. So far everybody has liked the book. I’m glad we had the printer re-do the cover, even though it took so much longer, because it came out crystal clear this time.

Everybody seems to like the bookmarks I made as well. Hopefully they will get a chance to give them all out and get more interest in the book and RDSP. One idea that I heard an author say that he does is to go to a bookstore and put the bookmarks in Stephen King books so the unsuspecting person who buys the book will get a nice surprise. It’s a sneaky way to promote but sometimes you gotta be sneaky.

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