We can now officially say that one of books has been nominated for the Stoker. That’s right 100 Jolts has made it on to the final ballot for the Stokers. Lots of works get recommended for a Stoker but only a few make it to the final ballot and we are quite pleased to get a book on the Stoker within the first year of starting RDSP.

I have to say that much of the credit goes to Mike for his tireless enthusiasm and endless hard work. I know that it is tough for authors to promote their own works and hard to do it in a way that doesn’t come off as distasteful to others but Mike never misses an opportunity and also knows how to make his ‘propaganda’ fun and entertaining for others. Also, he took a chance on us when we were first starting out and had no track record. It has become a great partnership and we have the highest hopes for the follow-up project Play Dead.


  1. Mike’s a great guy, and 100 JOLTS is a great collection. A handful of nuclear gumballs – small, chewy and dangerous!

    Best of luck guys!

  2. Congrat’s and I couldn’t be more proud of you and Mike. I’m crossing my fingers and bleeding myself into a vial of holy water just for you two.

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