Tackling YA and Mysteries: Snowed Nominated for the Anthony Award

Raw Dog Screaming Press congratulates Maria Alexander on her nomination of Snowed for the 2017 Anthony Award in the category of Best Children’s/YA Novel! News of Snowed nominated for the Anthony Award comes on the heels of Snowed winning the 2016 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Young Adult Novel. Either YA readers are […]

12 Days of Snowed (Day 4): Charity Jones, Katniss, Bella, and Strong Protagonists

Although people try to peg RDSP as being a publisher of X or Y or Z, our goal all along has been simply to publish books that other publisher don’t — due to concerns about marketability, not content. In our previous installment of 12 Days of Snowed we touched on the fact that the main […]