John tells me the proof for Pseudo-City has arrived and it looks fantastic. Did I mention we decided to do this one as a hardcover and then later in the year we’ll release a paperback version? Well it’s true! The hardcovers are always fun to do and seem that much more classy. The main reason we don’t do more of them is because we have to charge so much because they cost so much more to make than the paperbacks.

So, it looks like we’ll definitely have copies of Pseudo-City available at World Horror. We also hope to have John’s own novel Last Burn in Hell ready and *crossing fingers* Bare Bone #7. All will definitely be done in March but it’s just a question of whether the actual copies will be printed in time.

I don’t think I ever mentioned that we signed a deal with Hal Jaffe to do a follow-up to 15 Serial Killers. It’s called Terror-Dot-Gov and it’s in the same docufiction style only this time he takes on the issue of terrorists, very powerful and controversial stuff.

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