So John’s been working with three different publishers who are releasing his stuff and it’s definitely been weird to be on the other side of things. It’s tough giving up control of everything from cover art and layout to content. All the publishers have been fairly collaborative and open to ideas but some have been better than others about keeping him informed. We’d like to do plenty to promote his releases but it can be hard when you don’t know when they’ll be released. It renews my resolve to be as up-front and communicative with authors as possible.

The first one up is The Horrible a sizable (50 page) chapbook of John’s poetry. It’s got all his best horror poems in it. The cover illustrates a line from one of his poems, “Grandma’s got ants in her head again.” I really like what they did with the layout though I’ve only seen a PDF version so far. Orders are shipping on the 25th and can be placed at


  1. oh hey… LOVE this collection =) As I said in my review,
    “Twisted, humorous, gruesome, fun.. If you enjoy twisted surreal poetry, you’ll enjoy this. If you know what ‘hairy road sauce’ is, well… then you should probably own this now!!”

  2. Yeah i’m glad that so far I’ve had pretty much full control over all my designs so far (though it also means full responsibility) that I think I’d hate to give it up. (Particularly when my friend Steve got a major book deal and ended up with a cover that he didn’t like and that I thought didn’t really suit the book). I’m waiting just now on the Russian translation being done because that cover will be done in-house so will be really interesting to see.

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