Whew! Every time I think I’m going to get a break from getting these titles ready something else comes up. There was a problem with one cover that I uploaded which I took care of today. The deadline is Thursday so I’ve only got a couple days left.

Out of the 9 files that I’m hoping to get done 6 have been uploaded and we’ve approved proofs for 3 of those. So 3 are in process and I’ve still got 3 that need to be completed. One is ready to go but I just haven’t uploaded it yet, another is the paperback version of a book that’s already done. Technically that shouldn’t take too long but we’ll have to see…

The one that needs the most work is Terror-Dot-Gov. I’m expecting Hal’s edits on the layout tomorrow, the cover’s in good shape but needs to be printed out again. We’ll be cutting it close with this one because Hal’s away and won’t be back to look at the final, final PDF until the day this crazy deal ends. If nothing major happens we should be able to make it. Even if we don’t squeeze that one in I’ll be pretty satisfied with myself for getting 8 files up in a month. That’s practically as many as we did the entire last year!

I was happy to see brotherrabbit has returned and is diligently working on a mss for us!!!!

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