Although we had both initially planned to attend WHC it looks like John is going to make the trip alone. As many of you know we’re expecting a baby in July. Normally it’s fine to travel but the doctors have prescribed a cut back in my activities and more bed rest. I knew I couldn’t go to the con and take it easy so instead I’m staying home. I’m definitely going to miss seeing all the people I only get to see at cons and meeting the new ones that John will meet.

I don’t envy him trying to keep up with everything though. We’ll have a complete schedule of RDSP doings up soon but let’s just say that he’s going to be one busy mo-fo. He’s on 3 panels, doing a reading, there’s the Poker tournament we’re sponsoring, a publisher party we’re throwing plus he’ll want to get to a lot of other people’s readings as well not to mention manning the dealer’s table. Luckily he does well on little sleep.

The thing that bothers me the most about not being able to be there is that a lot of people already have the idea that John is RDSP. They just don’t realize how much of the work is done by me and that I have a hand in all the decisions RDSP makes. I can’t blame people for thinking that, though, if he’s the only one they get to meet. Still, John’s a great face for the company because he’s easy to spot and easy to approach. If you’re going to WHC and haven’t met him be sure to take a moment to say hello!


  1. damn… and i was just thinking of you this morning. wouldn’t the folding chair at the table count as bed rest, er chair rest? Ah well, you stay home and take care of little Oscar and i’ll stick to jabbing johnjohn in the eye with needles… we’ll miss you!!!

  2. And congrats on your house

    Thanks for the congratulatons. I meant to reply on you LJ about your house but somehow missed the boat.

  3. Whew

    Thanks goodness someone will be there to keep John’s tricky pop-eye in line. If you don’t jab it at least 3 times a day who knows what kind of mischief it will get up to.

  4. I definitely will, though this ‘resting’ business is a lot harder work than I would have thought!

  5. nobody you need to know

    Hey! I’m calculating your royalties right now and I just deducted 50 bucks for impertinence! Bet you didn’t see that ‘impertinence clause’ in the small print of the contract!

  6. Hahaha…not to worry, those of us who work with you know who REALLY does it all. 😉

    *imagines John at WHC, wandering around lost and confused*

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