One of the best things that came out of WHC was that 4 bookstores were interested in stocking our books. John spoke with Borderlands Books in San Francisco and gave them a copy of 100 Jolts. They said they would contact us once they got back so we hope to hear from them soon. Del from Dark Delicacies arranged at the convention to stock our books.Creatures ‘n Crooks Bookshoppe in Richmond VA showed a lot of interest in our titles and took a catalog with them. And Vyle from Black Hearts, A Bazaar Noir appeared like a Gothic Angel just when my struggles to pack all the books up appeared doomed to failure. Since she is located in Phoenix she was able to swoop down and carry off several copies of each title, making our bags a lot lighter.

So I spent most of today creating small posters for the stores to put on display. Apparently bookstores love to have any kind of display items a publisher can supply. We’ll also be sending plenty of bookmarks as well. It’s very exciting to finally be getting our books into more physical stores.

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