Con recovery

Well I was going to write more about WHC but I’ve been so busy with follow-up for the con that I can’t keep track of my own nose. I’ve posted a con report and pictures here. But my favorite is this one which is also on the front page:

And before you ask, yes I still have a copy of “Stay Hungry”.

Cons are a lot of fun but also a lot of work, still nothing competes with con follow-up. I’ve finally unpacked all the books and the luggage. We totaled up the sales and tried to figure out where everything went. There are still a few mysteries. The sales didn’t off-set the travel costs as much as I was hoping but if you think of the con as an advertisement we definitely got our money’s worth.

Of course John and I have been sending out e-mails like crazy to the people we met and people who wrote while we were gone. In fact, we came home to a very exciting book proposal which I won’t say a word more about so as not to jinx it.

Plus we’re already starting to plan for Horrorfind and are excited that Darren Speegle will be there to support A Dirge for the Temporal.