Got back from WHC pretty late last night. What in the world made me think I could show up to work bright and early Monday morning?

The con was fabulous and exhausting. We still have to total up everything and I know there won’t be a profit due to the cost of the trip but our sales at the table were excellent especially considering the con wasn’t as well attended as in other years.

Promotions-wise we rocked the house. Between Arnzen’s reading, debut signing, the flyers we handed out, the party we hosted, the small press panel John attended and the mass autographing I bet almost everyone at the con was aware of the 100 Jolts release and Raw Dog Screaming Press. Even people who never made it to any of our events would have seen our name all over the schedule, free advertising at it’s finest!

We also got tons of comments about how great the books look which means a lot to me. I’ll have pictures of the con up sometime soon plus there’s a ton more to say about it but that will have to wait for a bit.

Overall I declare the trip victorious, now if I could only get some sleep…

current mood: exhausted

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