The main purpose for attending a con is to meet people and we sure met a lot of them. Between the two of us John and I covered a lot of ground. Some people John had met at last year’s conference, most were new to me. I can’t possibly write about them all but I do want to mention at least some.

I’ve read a few of Simon Wood’s short stories and was glad to talk with him at a party. He’s a really nice guy who hasn’t let severe dyslexia keep him from writing. I also met Feo Amante for the first time in person, after all the visits I’ve paid to his web site. I was happy to hear that he did receive the copy of 15 Serial Killers that we sent him and was very enthusiastic about it. He said he plans to get a review up soon.

Rita Oakes really impressed me with a reading of her historical fiction piece that was published in Paradox Magazine. She mentioned that she has a story in that Van Helsing antho coming out so I hope to be able to catch that one too. We got to see a lot of Adam Golaski who was representing New Genre magazine in the dealer’s room. He’s the horror editor and a sharp dressed man!

Doug Clegg had a lot of supportive things to say about indie publishing during the opening ceremonies and I got to talk with him a bit about it afterwords. I talked quite a bit with Lisa Mannetti about internet stalkers and her Chancery House web site.

There were plenty of excellent artists in attendance as well. Alan Clarkstopped by our table and it was cool to see his originals in the art show. Also John Picacio let us take a peek at his portfolio which is truly stunning.

Whew! There are lots of others but my…….fading…

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