11/27/12    Cast Your Characters hosted by Heidi Ruby Miller
(Scott Thomas chooses a fantasy cast for FELLENGREY)

11/28/12    reKiosk features the FELLENGREY ebook as an exclusive

11/29/12    "Destroying Calenders and Resetting the Clock of Literary Fantasy" John Edward Lawson

11/30/12    Tribute Books Interview and book giveaway

12/03/12    Matt Betts hosts an excerpt from FELLENGREY

12/04/12    Jeffrey Thomas blogs about collaborating with his brother Scott

12/05/12    Scott Thomas Picks Six

12/07/12    Jason Jack Miller hosts Scott Thomas on magic in FELLENGREY

12/12/12    Novel d'Tales features Scott Thomas on Authors-Not-So-Anonymous

12/17/12    Scott goes "In the Madhouse" with Stephanie Wytovich

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