These are in no particular order except that #1 was definitely the top:

1. DogCon was legendary and we have the pics to prove it! It was way more fun and went way better than we expected.

2. Plans were laid for a new Science Fiction Adventure imprint, Dog Star Books, with author and editor Heidi Ruby Miller at the helm and authors Mike Resnick, K. Ceres Wright and Matt Betts onboard for releases in 2013.

3.  The D. Harlan Wilson Book Prize was established in cooperation with Wright State University. The first prize of $1000 and publication will be awarded in 2013. Wilson secured a sizable grant from the university for the re-design of our website by the talented folks at Merge Design.

4. RDSP was mentioned in an article about Timothy Olyphant being set to star opposite Kurt Russell, Peter Sarsgaard, Richard Jenkins, and Jennifer Carpenter in Bone Tomahawk. The movie will be directed in 2013 by Craig Zahler who recently signed a deal with RDSP for Wraiths of the Broken Land.

5. John Wayne Communale joined the team as ebooks review editor and secured many reviews of our books this year. We also welcomed editor and poet Stephanie Wytovich as our new poetry editor.

6. We were guests of honor at Seton Hill's In Your Write Mind Writer's Workshop where we met tons of talented writers and proved to ourselves that we really are experts in the publishing field.

7. Leland Pitts-Gonazalez signed copies of The Blood Poetry at BEA and the book was featured in Shelf Unbound.

8. The Morgantown Poets hosted RDSP at the MAC with readings from Michael A. Arnzen's The Gorelets Omnibus and Jason Jack Miller's Hellbender. It was an awesome event with an awesome afterparty.

9. Black Bear Burritos made a special Hell(ham)bender Burrito to celebrate Jason Jack Miller's Hellbender. It was possibly the most delicious thing we ate all year! They also hosted a sneak peak event for The Devil and Preston Black called Preston Black's Opening Act which featured live music and book signing.

10. The Fellengrey blog tour was the first we've organized and it captured so much of Scott Thomas' artistic process and the magic of the book itself.

11. Copies of Guide Dog Books' fantastic writer's guide, Architectures of Possibility by Lance Olsen and Trevor Dodge, flew off the shelves with many requests from professors who wanted to use it for teaching.

12. John Edward Lawson launched SuiPsalms, the follow-up poetry collection to The Troublesome Amputee, with a reading hosted by The Morgantown Poets.

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    There’s a reason we keep saying Next Level. Happy to be a part of it all.


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