DogCon 2

August 2-4, Columbus, OH

The gang at The Thurber CenterDogCon 2 was, by far, the biggest event we’ve ever planned. We celebrated RDSP’s 10 year anniversary and debuted Red Horses by Donna Lynch, the prequel to Isabel Burning. We also launched our science fiction imprint, Dog Star Books, by releasing its first 3 titles: Odd Men Out by Matt Betts, Cog by K. Ceres Wright and A Miracle of Rare Design by Mike Resnick. We chose Columbus because that is Matt Betts hometown but also because it has a vibrant arts scene.

The festivities kicked off with lunch at the North Market on Friday. After that we headed to Kafe Kerouac for the most epic reading to date featuring: Donna Lynch,  K. Ceres Wright, Matt Betts, Stephanie Wytovich, John Edward Lawson, Jason Jack Miller, Michael Arnzen and D. Harlan Wilson. The place was packed for the whole 2 hours!

The next day we celebrated RDSP’s 10 year anniversary with a free event at The Thurber Center where we tried to have a little something for everyone. The authors with books launching gave a brief introduction and signed books. There were writer’s workshops and The Airship Archon came dressed in their steampunk finery to give a talk. For the kids we had a ghost tour of The Thurber House, steampunk dress up costumes and a reading by artist and children’s author Steven Archer. We also had cake! It was a truly unique event.

After that we headed to The Bexley Public Library for another well-attended reading. It was covered in the local paper so you can read about it in more detail here. And of course in between all the events we had a blast hanging out at restaurants and room parties. It was the perfect way to celebrate the DIY nature of the press.

For an attendee’s perspective on the event read Emory Pueschel’s blog.

Here’s a video of the 10 Year Anniversary Toast, photos and more videos are below.

Videos from DogCon 2