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Teeth of the Wolf is exactly what I like to see in a novel. It kicks the crap out of the expected and rushes in with twists, turns and gory surprises. Grim suspense with just the right dash of humor to balance out an exciting read. Horror, crime-noir and near future sci-fi twisted into a delightful combination. Add to that the fact that Penny and Matiu are delightfully unique main characters and you have a winning combination.”
—James A. Moore coauthor of the Griffin & Price series (With Charles R. Rutledge), author of the Seven Forges series.

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The Path of Ra series features sibling detectives. Penny Yee is a credentialed scientific expert while her brother Matiu serves as driver, muscle and all-around ne’er do well. Because each book focuses on a mystery to be solved it’s possible to read them out of order. There is crossover with characters and relationships that build on events that happen in the first book though these are easily picked up through attitudes and dialogue.

However, if you simply must read series in order we understand and are happy if you pick up the first book in the series Hounds of the Underworld, which was on the ballot for the Bram Stoker Award and received the Sir Julius Vogel award for best novel. Teeth of the Wolf will be ready and waiting for you.

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