Launch Day: Teeth of the Wolf

Teeth of the Wolf is now available! “Teeth of the Wolf is exactly what I like to see in a novel. It kicks the crap out of the expected and rushes in with twists, turns and gory surprises. Grim suspense with just the right dash of humor to balance out an exciting read. Horror, crime-noir […]

COVER REVEAL: Teeth of the Wolf

Teeth of the Wolf Cover Reveal Teeth of the Wolf, the second book in The Path of Ra series by award-winning authors Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray, will be published internationally in e-book and print on October 4, 2018 from Raw Dog Screaming Press! Let’s have a peek at the thrilling cover, which sets the […]


This week we’re launching Albert Wendland’s IN A SUSPECT UNIVERSE, the prequel to THE MAN WHO LOVE ALIEN LANDSCAPES. Both books tempt you to travel to exotic, far-flung places to learn about alien cultures and both feature the intrepid explorer, Mykol Ranglen. On this page we’ll be doing a round up of all the blog […]