Things really seem to be taking off for the press. We’ve been working non-stop since WHC trying to take advantage of all the opportunities coming our way. All the basic details have been hammered out for a project with an award-winning editor though it will be awhile before we get a contract inked so I can’t say much more until then. All I know is it feels like we are teetering on the brink of something huge with RDSP and it’s only going to take a little tap to push us over the edge.

There sure is a lot to talk about with RDSP so this chat we’ve got scheduled for Saturday should be pretty interesting. I’ve posted info about it on the front page but basically John will be at on Saturday April 24th (EST 7pm, Central 6pm, Mountain 5pm, Pacific 4pm) to talk about publishing, writing and anything else. Hopefully a lot of people will stop by to chat.

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