We Need Your Suggestions

We are creating a custom deck of RDSP-related questions and phrases for use with the game Cards Against Humanity and we want your suggestions! If you’re already familiar with the game you know that we will need some question cards and some cards that can be used as answers to questions.

About Cards Against Humanity

If you haven’t played you can still make suggestions, just know that the idea is to “answer” the question card with the most bizarre, weird and bad taste card in your hand. This will require a lot of creativity! Here are some examples from the game.

Submit your suggestions and our team of game experts will pick the best ones. If one of your cards is picked you will be entered into a raffle to win a free deck! They are also available for purchase here.

We plan to use this custom deck when we have our annual RDSP get-together, DogCon, September 30-October 3. Registration and more info about DogCon 5 here.


  • Deadline: August 30th
  • Submit up to 10 cards by email to books@rawdogscreaming.com
  • Suggestions should be somehow related to Raw Dog Screaming Press books or authors (including our imprints Dog Star Books, Guide Dog Books and Anti-Oedipus Press). For ideas browse our website to see a list of our authors and the books we’ve published

With your help this deck will take things to a new level! In the past, Cards Against Humanity games at RDSP events have been legendary but we want to set the bar even higher for DogCon. So bring your creativity, apply your inner evil genius and let the ideas flow. Each suggestion will earn you an entry in the raffle so keep them coming! We’ll be looking for the most weird, wacky and potentially hilarious combinations.