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RDSP Signs EV Knight’s Horror Novel The Fourth Whore

Raw Dog Screaming Press (RDSP) is thrilled to announce a book deal for a debut novel from author EV Knight called The Fourth Whore, which is the story of a young woman’s fight to find the truth in time to save her world after she accidentally releases an ancient demoness who has a vendetta against God Himself. The author describes it as The Stand meets Fatal Attraction, though it also has a Four Horseman of the Apocalypse feel with a feminist twist.

“I needed to talk about what it means to be a woman in this world,” Knight said about writing the book. “Each of the four ‘whores’ in this book represent different challenges women face or can face in their daily lives. Battles we fight with ourselves, with men, with society, etc. My character Lilith chose the term ‘whores’ as a play on The Four Horsemen, but I think it’s perfect because it’s such a nasty word used not just to judge a woman’s sexuality but to degrade her in general and that’s what the women in this book are fighting against. But it is also a reminder that in our struggle to rise above, we don’t allow that drive to turn our anger into blind hatred and revenge.”

Knight is new to the writing scene after recently receiving her MFA from Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction program and is excited to dive in.

“She impressed me from the beginning as being hard-working, tenacious and driven,” says RDSP editor Jennifer Barnes. “I’d read some short fiction from her that was pointedly twisted so I told her that when she finished her first novel I’d love to look at it. I’m glad she took me up on that! The Fourth Whore is a challenging read, both powerful and disturbing, but it’s not one that readers will soon forget.”

StokerCon, 2016

“Working with Raw Dog Screaming Press has been a goal for me since I first dipped my toe into the world of writing horror,” Knight said. “I met Jennifer (Barnes) at StokerCon just a couple months before I started at Seton Hill University’s MFA in Writing Popular Fiction program. I was at this conference rubbing elbows with the great names in horror, scared out of my wits. Somehow, I had thought it was a good idea to sign up to read a piece of my work (work only I had ever seen–as raw and rough as it could have been for a beginner) and yet, not only did Jennifer come to my reading, she named me on their website as a “writer to watch.” That was such a huge vote of confidence for me. I knew then that if I ever did write a novel, I wanted to work with a company that seemed to truly care about the craft and their authors. Since then, I’ve never seen anything to make me think otherwise. I’m thrilled that three years later, here I am exactly where I wanted to be.”

The Fourth Whore is set for publication in 2020.

The Fourth Whore –

Kenzi Brooks watched The Scribble Man collect her brother’s soul after a hit and run when she was seven. He gave her a present that day—a lucky rabbit’s foot. Sixteen years later, she no longer believes in The Scribble Man, she believes in survival and does what she has to in the slums of Detroit. When thugs kill her mother and beat Kenzi to near death, she accidentally releases Lilith from her prison within the time-worn keychain.

And Hell hath no fury…

Lilith is out for revenge. Revenge against God, Sariel (Angel of Death and Kenzi’s Scribble Man), and all of mankind for relegating her to nothing more than a demoness for refusing to submit to her husband. She’s put together an apocalyptic plan to destroy everyone who has forsaken her. Forget the Four Horsemen, Lilith is assembling the Four Whores.

Will Kenzi rise against her to save the world and The Scribble Man or will she become The Fourth Whore?

EV Knight, Biography –

EV Knight is an American author of horror and dark fantasy stories filled with bad-ass females. She is excited about releasing her first novel The Fourth Whore. EV is currently working on her second novel which takes place in her beloved home in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Raised on Grimm’s Fairy tales in a country home near the woods, EV inevitably developed a whimsical imagination and lifelong interest in the macabre.

These days, when not writing something spooky, EV spends her time taking long walks through grave yards and visiting haunted houses. She collects skull art and death-related oddities. When she is feeling adventurous, she enjoys road trips to unusual road side attractions. Yes, she has, in fact, been to see the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota.

EV is inspired by mythology, fairy tales, and history such that there are often kernels of truth in her fiction. No scary thing is off limits. And she doesn’t shy away from gore. Like Frankenstein, she likes to experiment and piece things together until her creation breathes on its own. EV hopes you’ll love her monsters as much as she loves making them.

You can find EV on her author Facebook page or on Twitter.

Raw Dog Screaming Press –

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