10 things we did in 2013 that we’ve never done before:

  1. one of our books received a starred review (Odd Men Out)
  2. RDSP was mentioned in The Hollywood Reporter
  3. one of our releases was reviewed in all 3 big review venues (Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Booklist)
  4. attending Capclave which is in our very own state(!) & being guests at Penn Writers
  5. launching a sci-fi imprint
  6. participating in a bookstore hop (also broke our record for the most events in a weekend with 5 signings total)
  7. RDSP featured in Fangoria
  8. one of our books was nominated for the Appalachian Writers Award (Hellbender)
  9. broke our record for most sales at an event during just 2 hours at the SHU author signing
  10. doing a reading in an asylum