2018 Releases Eligible for the Bram Stoker Award

Horror Titles Published This Year This year we released several horror titles that are eligible for the Bram Stoker Award in the categories of Novel, Short Story Collection and Poetry Collection. If you are a member of the HWA and would like to receive a complimentary copy for voting purposes please send an email to […]

All Saints

All Saints Launch, or: Getting to Know Jason Jack “Please have a sweet Valentine’s Day, and show Jason’s book some love by sharing All Saints online, or ordering a copy for someone you care about.” When I attended the Western Maryland Small Press Festival in autumn 2011 I had no idea how significantly that one […]

SJWs Kill Genre Fiction! (now with pics and video!)

Liberal SJWs Have Killed Genre Fiction! Wait. Genre fiction died? And SJWs kill? It was recently proclaimed to be so by a bizarro/horror author and publisher. I’ll delve into why they think this happened, and what facts there are surrounding the claims, such as political correctness and social media witch hunting being the murder weapons. […]

How to Get Published: Why Submissions Aren’t the Only Important Step

Over the years we’ve evaluated thousands of manuscripts in our various editorial endeavors, from The Dream People magazine to numerous anthologies and our publishing imprints. One thing we realized is that as editors you are never merely signed an author, you are entering into a business partnership. We also learned the hard way that when […]