SJWs Kill Genre Fiction! (now with pics and video!)

Liberal SJWs Have Killed Genre Fiction! Wait. Genre fiction died? And SJWs kill? It was recently proclaimed to be so by a bizarro/horror author and publisher. I’ll delve into why they think this happened, and what facts there are surrounding the claims, such as political correctness and social media witch hunting being the murder weapons. […]

A Congregation of Jackals Book Deal

Raw Dog Screaming press has just signed a book deal with S. Craig Zahler to release his out-of-print first novel A Congregation of Jackals. As an author, screenwriter and director Zahler has taken both Hollywood and the publishing world by storm. His gritty and unflinching style is undeniable. Bone Tomahawk, which he wrote and directed, […]

Ridley Scott, S. Craig Zahler and Me

On Publishing a Book that Will be a Movie Do you know what’s crazy surreal? Seeing something you wrote paraphrased and referenced in The Hollywood Reporter. Recently the news broke that Wraiths of the Broken Land, a novel written by S. Craig Zahler, published by Raw Dog Screaming Press, is going to be made into […]