DogCon Opportunities

Additional DogCon Opportunities

UPDATE: Add-on madness! New DogCon Opportunities: Special guest Beverly Bambury provides the following presentations for DogCon 5 attendees (these are included in the base ticket price): Class 1 – Social Media for Authors (even Misanthropic Authors) No matter how you’re published, it’s a tough world out there having to constantly promote your work. Authors have […]

On Publishing Bram Stoker Award Winning Books

RDSP has had a few brushes with the Bram Stoker award in the past: 100 Jolts was a finalist for fiction collection in 2004, The Troublesome Amputee for Poetry Collection in 2006, Cursed was a finalist for novel in 2009 and Hysteria for poetry collection in 2013. I’d long ago learned to be happy with […]