Amazon at large

Sick is now available on! I’m always relieved once the book gets onto the website because it can be such a struggle with Amazon but it’s the place most people seem to like to buy their books. Now anybody can go rate and review it. Plus I hope to get some people to recommend […]

File flies

I sent off the files to the printer for 100 Jolts today. That is always so nerve-wracking, putting together the final file and praying that nothing will go wrong. We shall soon see when the proof copy arrives. I also managed to get some more info up about A Dirge for the Temporal. The hard […]

Author promotion techniques and tricks

posted by rdsp One of the most overlooked areas in book publishing is promotion. While all companies will engage in some level of promotion, few—if any—have the resources, time, and staff available to capitalize on every possible promo opportunity for each book. Even the large publishing houses fall into this category; the promo reps are […]

All for one

Wow, I’m really glad to see so many authors getting involved in promoting Sick. Between J.M. Heluk, Scott Carr, James Chambers, Kevin Donihe, A.D. Dawson, Ron Malfi, Efrem Emerson and Brutal Dreamer the word is really getting out there. Every time I turn around someone’s doing something else, giving out flyers, posting on message boards, […]

Selling out is a good thing

Well Sick didn’t make it onto the Shocklines bestseller list this week but then again I see that it is out of stock so all the copies they had have sold! That’s even better than being on the list because they’ve order another bunch of books from us. Also Sick is now listed at Barnes […]


Anyone who’s met me knows that I’m a goal oriented person. It’s all about completing the task. That’s why promotions can be so overwhelming to me. Promoting books is endless. You can never complete the task. Lately I’ve been a bit panicked about the promo end of things. Are we doing enough? Is the money […]

Oh to be a blurble

Ok, I have to admit I stole that title from an email Mike Arnzen sent. It’s a great title! It turns out Mike managed to get a quote from Tom Monteleone for 100 Jolts. Check it out… “Simply stated, there’s nothing like this collection of ultra-short fiction. Arnzen continually impressed me with his punchy narrative […]

Details, detales

I’ve been meaning to mention that Darren and I have finished the editing on A Dirge for the Temporal and I’ve started on the layout of the book. I’m trying to do a story or two per night. I had already set up a template with all the font properties for the story titles and […]

Rawk the vote

Preditors & Editors is running a poll and I’m very pleased that RDSP has been nominated in several categories. The poll will be open until the 14th of January. Anyone interested can vote. These are the links to the ones we’re in: Best Cover Art (Sick): Best Print/Electronic Book Publisher (Raw Dog Screaming Press): […]

Back on the waiting room floor

I was too depressed to do a journal entry yesterday. After thinking that Sick should be appearing any day on for several days we finally inquired and found out that it was not listed for distribution. During the initial panic we thought there might be no way to correct this but eventually John was […]


The new year is now under way and I’m happy to report that Everybody Scream! has been completly transcribed and we will soon be sending it off to Jeff Thomas so he can get started on the editing. Work continues on the other releases and 100 JOLTS should be wrapped up soon. It was definitely […]

Anybody seen a stranger around here?

I just finished reading D. Harlan Wilson’s Stranger on the Loose and I was very impressed. I will be writing an ‘official’ review for the The Dream People but in the meantime I have to say that it’s refreshing to read someone who is just doing their own thing and doing it well. There’s nothing […]

2004 – year of the dog?

2004 looks like it’s going to be a pretty good year for the Raw Dog because he’s got what dog’s love most-more than a few things to chew on! Now that Sick is out we hope to spend the beginning of the year promoting that. So far the response has been good, it will be […]

Sometimes you gotta be sneaky

I’m so excited that contributors have actually started to receive their copies of Sick. Maybe it was worth it to brave the post office on the Saturday before Christmas after all. Let me tell you they were not happy to see us and our 40+ packages. It took at least 45 minutes to get all […]

Every little bit

I was happy to see that 15 Serial Killers is now available in e-book format from Hopefully Sick will show up soon as well. Both the paperback version and the e-book version should appear any time now but it’s frustrating to wait. Plus it seems to take even longer before bookstores are able to […]

The luxury of time

The past few days I’ve mostly been working on the layout for 100 Jolts. I think this book is going to be a real treat for people who don’t have a lot of time to read. I have some friends who have a seven-month-old and I will definitely give them a copy of this book. […]

Editor’s Block

Betcha never heard of that one. That’s because there is no shortage of works needing to be edited. Although it’s the least exciting step in the creative process it’s one of the most important. In the case of RDSP we often have two or three people read over a manuscript. I’m about 3/4 of the […]

How many legs does a table of contents have?

We’ve been playing musical stories with the contents of A Dirge for the Temporal so long that I don’t even remember what a table (of contents) should look like! I think we’ve got it pretty close to “just right” now though. So many different aspects have to be considered to create the best order for […]

Without the aid of technology

We’re moving right along with the transcription of Everybody Scream! There’s over 76,000 words typed in now. One thing I didn’t mention before is how amazing I find it that Jeff Thomas was able to handwrite this novel completely from start to finish without the aid of a computer and wind up with such a […]


How do people ever keep up with their blogs? Most of the blogs I visit people write in every day, sometimes even more than once per day. Somehow I manage to only get something up every week or so. Of course a lot of people’s blogs are peppered with chores they should be doing, chores […]

Widows, Orphans and the Lost Art of Book Layout

Finally the layout for our second book, Sick, is complete! After a huge sigh of relief I began to contemplate the totally thankless nature of book layout. If you do it right, no one should notice. The recent boom in self and small press publishing has been great for variety but is often hard on […]

Identity Crisis

Experts say that for a small press to succeed it needs to have a distinct identity and cater to a specific niche of customers. That’s why small presses thrive in genre communities like sci-fi, fantasy & horror. Since RDSP is just starting out we are struggling to define our press and reach out to an […]

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The Dog Barks at Midnight

So I’ve finally gotten the RDSP community online. Hopefully this journal will serve to give people a glimpse inside our press and why we’re doing what we’re doing (for those interested in such arcane knowledge). Ultimately, I’d love to see posts from RDSP members, authors, fans and others in the small press. Thanks to Susanne […]