How many legs does a table of contents have?

We’ve been playing musical stories with the contents of A Dirge for the Temporal so long that I don’t even remember what a table (of contents) should look like! I think we’ve got it pretty close to “just right” now though.

So many different aspects have to be considered to create the best order for a short story collection. Of course you have to have really killer stories at the beginning to make a good impression and also at the end to leave a good impression. The stories next to each other should relate to but not be too similar plus you have to take into account the lengths of the stories to get the best flow. Trying to keep track of these details makes my head spin so I turned it over to John. He will sort, mix and match, shuffle and re-shuffle papers for days on end (long after I’d be inclined to put them in alphabetical order and let God sort them out) to get the best result.

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