Beautiful to behold

Although the printer really put us through a grinder over Bare Bone #5the final product is quite magnificent. The cover is beautiful to behold and all the extra work Donihe did on the layout really paid off in improved readability for the interior.

The planning for WHC continues but it’s been very frustrating dealing with the guy in charge of programming. No matter what we do we haven’t been able to get him to respond. We began planning our trip back in SEPTEMBER but for whatever reason we’ve been left out of the programming. It looks like most of the reading slots and many panels have been filled. John had planned to read and participate but it’s not looking too good for that. I just hope Michael Arnzen gets a reading slot.

We’ve had better luck with other people at WHC and have had a table in the dealer’s room reserved for months. Arnzen will be signing copies of100 Jolts at the debut table (outside the dealer’s room) from 12:00-1:00 pm on Saturday. RDSP is also hosting a party in the Hospitality Suite from 8-10 pm Saturday evening with plenty of Raw Dog goodies to giveaway.

Despite the frustration I think WHC itself is going to be a lot of fun

current mood: frustrated
current music: Blue by Joni Mitchell

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