Back on the waiting room floor

I was too depressed to do a journal entry yesterday. After thinking that Sick should be appearing any day on for several days we finally inquired and found out that it was not listed for distribution. During the initial panic we thought there might be no way to correct this but eventually John was able to submit the info for distribution. We’ll just have to start our wait all over again. Luckily the book is available from both Project Pulp and Shocklines now.

I figure places like Amazon will have it by the end of the month and then stores will be able to order it a few weeks after that. I’m glad we were able to get the contributors copies out quickly but at the same time I’m afraid the authors’ excitement for promotion will have worn off by the time the book is widely available.

It felt like a major setback yesterday but today I realize it’s not that big of a deal, just more waiting. In the print publishing business you just have to get used to waiting.

current mood: disappointed
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