We accepted the Specialty Press award from the HWA during StokerCon
(easily the highlight of our year!)

We partnered with Night Worms to sponsor April’s subscription box

AllAccessCon Was Fully Funded

In addition to our usual activities three things stood out in 2019. StokerCon was a great event for us and receiving the specialty press award was a true honor. We were also honored to work with Night Worms in their inaugural year. If you haven’t checked them out yet put that on your to-do list for 2020. Another unexpected but awesome development was John Lawson founding and funding AllAccessCon as a way to bring events to those who can’t travel.

6 Book Projects Signed

6 Books Published

3 Award Nominations

Garden of Eldritch Delights by Lucy A. Snyder was nominated for the Shirley Jackson Award

Choking Back the Devil by Donna Lynch and Garden of Eldritch Delights by Lucy A. Snyder were both nominated for the Bram Stoker Award

10 Events (Officially) Attended