RDSP is Celebrating Readers

Readers Choice Ebook Sale!

RDSP is celebrating readers with an ebook sale. Every year we have the readers choose the book of the year and honor it with our Readers Choice Award.

If you saw any of the coverage from DogCon 5 you may already know that Matt Betts’ novel Indelible Ink received this year’s Readers Choice Award. The award has only been around for 3 years and he’s already a 2-time champ!

To celebrate we’re putting the finalists on sale for 2.99 and the winner will be a mere .99 cents for a very short time.

Use these links to grab your discounted copies:

Passing on the Belt

Since Matt could not attend DogCon in person we arranged to have him appear live online. However first we had technical difficulties on our end and, as soon as those were fixed the power went out in Matt’s entire neighborhood! There was no storm or anything. Perhaps the universe didn’t agree with the judges decision?

Matt’s next live appearance is Saturday, October 29th during Halloween ComiCon at Alter Ego Comics in his hometown of Lima, OH. Be sure to come out and congratulate Matt on another year of being able to say that he’s the champ. You may even want to challenge him to a death match. At the very least, you can get your books signed!

If you can’t make it to see the belt hand off you may want to watch the awesome and sometimes hilarious Readers Choice Presentation.
Celebrating Readers

You can also view Matt Betts’ thank you speech.Readers Choice Award Winner

We’d like to take a moment to thank the judges, Pam Emmanuel and Daniel Haeusser who were enthusiastic about reading the books but had the unenviable task of choosing favorites. It was especially close this year! Learn more about the Readers Choice Award and past nominees here.








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