HereThe Readers' Choice championship belt are the top 14 happenings for RDSP in 2014

  1. We hosted our 1st writing retreat at Bourbon Ridge and probably had more fun than adults should be allowed to have.
  2. Mr. Wicker was the Library Journal debut of the month for October.
  3. RDSP acquired Anti-Oedipus Press.
  4. DogCon 3 was held in conjunction with Confluence in Pittsburgh where we launched Lucy Snyder’s Soft Apocalypes.
  5. We presented Matt Betts with the championship belt for the first RDSP Readers Choice Award.
  6. The Man Who Loved Alien Landscapes by Albert Wendland received a starred review and was Pick of theWeek from Publishers Weekly, it also sold out of copies during the pre-release debut at Seton Hill’s book fair.
  7. Hysteria by Stephanie Wytovich was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award.
  8. Misery Hour at the Poe HouseWe launched the 20th Anniversary Edition of Grave Markings at Terrault Contemporary art gallery in Baltimore with an awesome night of readings.
  9. NoirCon gave us an excuse to finally meet RDSP author Michael Gills in person & see Eric Miles Williamson again.
  10. Odd Men Out was a finalist for The Hoffer Award and the cover was a finalist for the DaVinci Eye.
  11. We released an entire mind-bending trilogy by D. Harlan Wilson: The Biographizer Trilogy.
  12. Slate featured Worse Than Myself on their Scariest Reads list and gave it an excellent sales bump.
  13. John Edward Lawson joined the Bizarro Across America Tour for several East Coast dates.
  14. RDSP was mentioned in the New York Times both in print and online.


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